The Prison Boys (監獄少年) is a mystery novel-type escape game on mobile made by the Japanese app developer SEEC Corporation. As Tetsu Akatsuki, find out the truth of the Asakusa 12-Story Prison with your partner, Nagi Saeki!

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Most of the gameplay is consisted of visual novel choices, escape room searches, and investigations.


The game and story is separated into chapters and stages. Each stage requires a ticket except for stages that have been discontinued (player leaves stage mid progress), have already used a ticket (replaying stage), or are stages that are in Chapter 1.

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Chapter 1 - The Special Political Police Edit

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Promotional Videos Edit

監獄少年 【謎解きノベル×脱出ゲーム】 -公式PV-

監獄少年 【謎解きノベル×脱出ゲーム】 -公式PV-

Japanese PV

解謎文字×逃脱遊戲 監獄少年

解謎文字×逃脱遊戲 監獄少年

Chinese PV

The Prison Boys Mystery novel & Escape Game

The Prison Boys Mystery novel & Escape Game

English PV